Waterfront Pearl
Disaster Preparedness

The Cascadia Subduction Quake is coming.
How bad will it be? Bad.
Maybe the worst natural disaster in US history.
Can we prepare? YES!


Extensive fire in your unit: Drop to the floor to avoid smoke - Crawl out to your hallway for safety; if this is not accessible, crawl to your deck for fresh air - Once sprinklers activate, emergency personnel are automatically called.

Building fire alarm sounds: Check your hallway door for heat (best by back of hand) - If cool, take your Go-Bag and whatever you need for an extended period - Exit building using the stairway DO NOT TAKE ELEVATOR

If garage is dry and time permits, move your car and desired items from storage DO NOT WALK OR DRIVE THROUGH WATER. Monitor progress on www.noaa.gov, search Willamette River Flooding, choose Observation-PRT03, Willamette River at Portland, then River at a Glance, finally choose at Portland (PRT03) Unit at risk - Move valuables to high place or remove from unit; take your Go-Bag and move to safety Unit not at risk - You may choose to shelter in place.

Daytime: Drop to the floor and move to an interior wall, away from heavy unsecured items - Cover your head and neck with your arms

Nighttime: Stay in bed with pillow over your head until shaking stops - When shaking stops, take your Go-Bag and whatever you need for extended period - Exit building using the stairway DO NOT TAKE ELEVATOR

Call 911, give Unit #, and alert Concierge if possible, 503-710-8668

Note: emergency personnel has ready access to the building

AED units are available in the Azure and Mistral mailrooms. Directions guide anyone in its use.

Toxic Air: Stay indoors with doors and windows closed

Toxic Water: If a “boil water” directive is in place, boil water for minimum one minute for drinking, cooking, brushing teeth Monitor on www.portlandonline.com

Helpful Contacts

Fire, Police, Medical

Call 911

Waterfront Pearl HOA Office


Waterfront Pearl Sales Office


Waterfront Pearl Security/Concierge (Pacific Patrol Services)


Pearl Animal Hospital


Portland Police Bureau - Non-emergency Dispatch


Fire Department – Non emergency


Poison Information Center


NW Natural Gas Odor Hotline


Dove Lewis Emergency Veterinary Hospital


Download Materials

We have included here some information for you to print at home

Waterfront Pearl E-prep


Waterfront Pearl E-prep

Quick Guide

Waterfront Pearl E-prep


Waterfront Pearl

Seismic Report


How Powerful Is A 9.0 Earthquake? Find out in this short video by OPB

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